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5.000 Responsibilities of Faculty

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5.000 Responsibilities of Faculty

Policy Number: 5.000 

Subject: Responsibilities of Full-Time Faculty

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised March 19, 2014

Acceptance of a faculty teaching appointment at National Park Community College entails acceptance of the responsibilities and obligations of professional behavior. Just as the College guards the rights of each faculty member as an academician, a faculty member must guard against using his or her position for personal or non-professional benefit.

Professional, college-level teaching is the primary duty and function of each faculty member. Unprofessional conduct could include, but is not limited to, professional negligence, excessive absenteeism, insubordination, fiscal negligence, inappropriate relationships with students, and ineffective teaching and classroom management. Each faculty member will meet class regularly and punctually, conducting each class in an effective, professional manner. Faculty members shall assess student learning, measure the effectiveness of those assessments, and take appropriate action to improve student learning based on those assessments or as directed by the division chair. Faculty members are also required to participate in professional development as well as utilize the campus learning management system for recording attendance, maintaining grade books, and sharing course syllabi.

In addition, each faculty member is expected to remain current in areas or in disciplines taught, as well as trends, issues, and problems in higher education. Faculty members are expected to assume institutional responsibilities such as serving on college committees, participating in faculty development and in-service programs, and actively supporting both college and student activities. All faculty members are also expected to assume divisional responsibilities as assigned by the division chair.

Above all, faculty members must be committed to the concept of the comprehensive community college and to the mission, philosophy, goals and objectives of National Park Community College, as identified by the Board of Trustees.