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5.100 Procedures for Faculty Appointment

Policy Number: 5.100 

Subject: Procedure for Faculty Appointment

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991

When the need for additional faculty occurs, either from a substantial increase in enrollment or from the addition of several new courses or a whole program, the Division Chairperson shall review the matter with the Vice President involved. The Vice President will prepare a request for the President to include:

1. The division schedule, indicating the present load of division staff and the need for additional staff.

2. An indication of how the additional staff member would fit into the staffing structure.

3. A statement indicating what this additional faculty member would add to the total college program.

The Vice President for Instruction or Vice President for Technical Education is responsible for recommending all proposed faculty members and for assigning them an entry-level position on the established salary schedule. Upon approval by the President, the recommendation is presented to the Board of Trustees for ratification.

Generally, the Division Chairperson originates requests for additional faculty appointments and will always be consulted concerning additional faculty appointments.

As suggested to the College administration by the consulting firms of the Keye Productivity Center and Padgett-Thompson, Inc., as well as the personal endorsement of State and Federal officers for Affirmative Action in Arkansas, and as recommended in 1983 by a majority vote of the College Faculty Council, the College shall use a Search and Selection Committee in the hiring of all full-time faculty.