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5.150 Continuing One-half Time Faculty

Policy Number: 5.150 

Subject: Continuing One-Half Time Faculty

Date Adopted: April 24, 1996

This unique position is for someone offered a special 9-month contract each year to teach 12 credit hours per semester or 24 credit hours per year, but who will be excused from committee work, office hour requirements, and other faculty expectations.

This individual will be asked to participate in staff orientation meetings at the beginning of each semester, and graduation in May. Moreover, this person will be on a 9-month renewable contract, follow the faculty calendar, shall participate fully in the annual faculty evaluation system, shall follow the required three-year probationary period and shall be eligible for proportional fringe benefits. Since there are no office hour responsibilities or advising/registration responsibilities, the college is not obligated to provide a private office.

This position is not envisioned as a substitute for or short cut to full-time faculty status. In fact, it is seen as an ongoing special teaching track characterized by unique circumstances agreed to by the President, Vice President for Instruction or Vice President for Technical Education, and respective Division Chairperson. The appointment must also be ratified by the Board of Trustees.

The appropriate salary for continuing half-time faculty is determined by adherence to the hiring guidelines for full-time faculty and proper placement on the current faculty salary schedule. Fifty percent of that figure shall be deemed the appropriate salary figure. Yearly advancement shall follow the same procedure with the current faculty salary schedule.

Overload opportunities with an additional stipend shall be limited to one course per semester. Fringe benefits will be adjusted to remain proportional if the individual is employed on an overload basis.