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5.000 Responsibilities of Faculty

5.100 Procedures for Faculty Appointment

5.110 Employment Procedures

5.120 Faculty Minimum Qualifications

5.130 Professional Growth and Development

5.140 Faculty Status

5.150 Continuing One-half Time Faculty

5.200 Academic Freedom

5.300 Faculty Organizations

5.310 Faculty Committee Assignments

5.320 Division Chairperson

5.400 Evaluation of Full-time Faculty

5.500 Divisional Meetings

5.600 Mini-Courses, Interim Courses, and Special Courses

5.700 Faculty Release Time

5.710 Intellectual Property Rights and Policies

5.720 Sabbatical Leave

5.800 Participation in Graduation

5.900 Faculty Office Assignments

5.800 Participation in Graduation

Policy Number: 5.800 

Subject: Participation in Graduation

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised August 28, 2013

Full-time faculty members are expected to participate in annual commencement exercises, unless specifically excused by the Executive Vice President.

Part-time faculty members are not required to participate in commencement exercises but are invited to do so.