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2.700 Student Services

Policy Number: 2.700 

Subject: Student Services

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised July 24, 1996, Revised November 15, 2000

The College will provide adequate personnel to give proper counseling prior to the student's admission; to maintain proper and meaningful records of the student's work; to establish each student's understanding of individual ability; and to help each student fulfill personal, educational, and occupational goals. The staff will administer various types of financial aid available to the institution. An informal placement service is also available to students through the Counseling Center. In addition, appropriate personnel will plan and supervise student activities and provide for emergency services. The staff will also coordinate and/or administer appropriate tests to current and prospective students. The college will accept ASSET, ACT, SAT, and COMPASS scores for admission. The staff will also coordinate and/or administer any additional educational, personality or career-choice testing programs which may be deemed necessary.

In conjunction with Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Services will initiate and administer any techniques necessary to meet student assessment standards set by the Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.