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1.000 Foreword

1.100 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy

1.200 History of National Park Community College

1.300 Mission

1.300 Mission

Policy Number: 1.300 

Subject: Mission

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised June 23, 1993, May 26, 2004

Our Mission

Learning is our focus; student success is our goal.

Our Values

Access - We assist students in achieving their individual educational goals by creating a learning community that is accessible, convenient, caring, affordable, and secure.

Excellence - We strive for exemplary performance in all we do. Assessment of student learning is a means of measuring our success.

Accountability - We are all accountable to ourselves and to one another in a learning community. We expect all members to act responsibly, behave ethically, and grow professionally.

Collaboration - We facilitate partnerships that enhance learning, solve problems, promote economic development, and improve quality of life.

Mutual Respect and Support - We recognize the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals. We create opportunities to explore diversity of ideas, individuals, and cultures through open communication.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the premier comprehensive community college in the state by providing learning for life opportunities while offering exemplary service to our community.

Our Purpose

As a comprehensive community college, NPC offers: