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7.210 Tornado Alert

Policy Number: 7.210 

Subject: Tornado Alert

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised November 15, 2000, Revised August 27, 2003

In case of a tornado alert, students and staff should take cover in a lower level corridor, basement area free of glass exposure to the outside, or in spaces on the southwest side of a building below ground level. The following suggested areas of cover are recommended:

Fisher Campus Center - First Floor - Bookstore supply room and rooms along the south wall of the Student Center

Math and Science Building - Lower level Art Department

Computer Building - Lower level south side

Library - Rest rooms and viewing room

Liberal Arts Building - Rooms 4 and 8

Faculty Office Buildings - Rest rooms

Charlotte Phelps Building - Lower level, south side

Gymnasium - Hallways, away from windows.

Some buildings not listed have emergency instructions posted.

All personnel should keep away from windows and, if possible, seek the protection of a table or desk. The greatest hazard of a tornado is flying glass and debris. If a person is unable to secure the protection of a building and is caught outdoors, a depression in the ground such as a gully, culvert, or deep ditch is better protection than nothing at all. If caught outside during a storm, lie flat on the ground to reduce the hazard of being hit by flying objects.