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7.400 Drug-Free Campus

Policy Number: 7.400 

Subject: Drug-Free Campus

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised July 24, 1996

National Park Community College is committed to maintaining a drug-free campus environment for students and employees. The Board of Trustees opposes the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of a controlled substance by any employee or student. As a condition of employment, the employee must read the drug-free workplace policy and sign an acknowledgment that they have read and will adhere to the policy. The employee will abide by the terms of the statement and notify the employer in writing of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no longer than five (5) calendar days after such conviction.

The President or his designee shall direct a drug-free awareness program to inform students and employees of the dangers of drug abuse, the availability of drug counseling, rehabilitation, student and employee assistance programs, and the penalties for drug abuse violation.

We will adhere to Public Law 101-226, as mandated by the United States Department of Education. Public Law 101-226, the Drug-Free Workplace Policy.