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8.000 College Property, Equipment, and Facilities

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8.000 College Property, Equipment, and Facilities

Policy Number: 8.000 

Subject: College Property, Equipment and Facilities

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991

The Board of Trustees charges the administration of the College with supervising and maintaining all College property, equipment, and facilities. The Board recognizes that only through the proper use of College property, facilities and equipment can the public be served in a manner that allows the best possible instructional services and the best use of tax monies. Each employee should treat property, facilities, and equipment with respect and care. Problems should be reported immediately to the appropriate division chairperson, Vice President or other supervisor.

Use of Facilities

The assignment of physical space for use by an employee is temporary and may never be considered permanent, regardless of the duration of use. Office space is assigned by the appropriate Vice President, division chairperson, or supervisor. Space may be re-assigned, upon action by the appropriate supervisor, and the employee should cooperate whenever it is necessary to re-assign space.

Employees should not, under any circumstances, make changes, alterations or additions in College offices, classrooms, buildings or other facilities without approval from the appropriate chairperson, Vice President or supervisor and the maintenance supervisor. A properly completed and approved work order should be made if such changes are necessary and are within the budgetary limitations of the College.

Keys to Facilities

Keys to offices and buildings are issued only through approval of the appropriate Vice President or the President. Lost keys will be charged to the employee. Failure to turn in a key, on request, will result in legal action. No employee may duplicate a key.

Property and Equipment

All College property and equipment is inventoried yearly, under the direction of the Vice President for Financial Affairs, by order of the President. The Vice President draws up and keeps current procedures for inventories and procedures of inventory control.

Use of property and equipment should always be undertaken with proper respect and care. Damage to equipment and/or property, should be reported to the appropriate Vice President, division chairperson or supervisor, immediately.

Persons who find it necessary to use non-college equipment on the campus should notify the Vice President for Financial Affairs to ensure that proper procedures for the use of private equipment are followed. The College is not responsible for damage, repair or rental of private property or equipment used on the College campus or in College activities without prior approval.

College equipment and property, defined as capital items, will be declared surplus by the appropriate Vice Presidents in conjunction with the State guidelines of marketing and redistribution. Once it is so designated, the Vice President for Financial Affairs will follow the appropriate State of Arkansas procedures for disposal, sale or other use. Disposal, sale or other unauthorized use of property or equipment will result in repayment procedures instituted on behalf of the College against such employee.

No personal use of College property is allowed, including equipment, buildings, offices or other facilities of the College. Personnel will never be assigned to perform personal services involving College property, equipment or facilities for any person or group.