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8.400 Use of College Vehicles

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8.400 Use of College Vehicles

Policy Number: 8.400 

Subject: Use of College Vehicles

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991, Revised August 25, 2005

The Board of Trustees charges the Vice President for Financial Affairs with responsibility for the maintenance of College vehicles (including cars, trucks, tractors, and vans).

The following procedure should be followed for requesting and using College vehicles:

  1. Vehicle requests may be made only by employees of the College, who have a current, valid Arkansas Driver's License, and current automobile insurance coverage.
  2. Requests should be for activities approved in writing, in advance, by the appropriate supervisor, division chairperson and/or Vice President.
  3. The employee's Arkansas Driver's License number and proof of insurance must be on file when a request for vehicle use is approved.
  4. The purposes, destination, number of persons and names of persons involved and length of time involved must be included in a vehicle request.
  5. Following completion of vehicle use, a mileage report must be made to the Vice President for Financial Affairs.
  6. The motor pool car usage policy will allow for a re-prioritization based on total trip mileage, which will override the first-come, first-serve basis. The order of priority is: 1) The needs of the driver's education class; 2) The largest number of total trip miles. This will only apply to round-trips of more than 110 miles excluding vicinity mileage. In order for prioritization to occur, the individual making the request must give at least two days notice; 3) The time of the request.
  7. The user is responsible for returning the vehicle in a clean and sanitary condition. Charges for vehicle cleaning may be assessed to the user.
  8. Any vehicle break downs, problems or repairs must be reported immediately upon return to the campus, to the Vice President for Financial Affairs.
  9. No smoking is allowed in any College vehicle. Anyone caught breaking this rule will have their privileges for use of College vehicles revoked.
  10. In addition to leaving the vehicle in a clean and sanitary condition, the user must have the gas tank filled before turning the car back in.