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8.000 College Property, Equipment, and Facilities

8.100 Smoke Free Tobacco Free Campus

8.110 Use of College Facilities by Outside Groups

8.120 Firearms on Campus

8.200 Maintenance

8.300 Energy Conservation

8.400 Use of College Vehicles

8.410 Accidents for Damage to College Vehicles

8.500 Computer/Network Acceptable Use for Faculty and Staff

8.510 Computer/Network Acceptable Use for Students

8.600 Naming of College Facilities

8.700 Cellular Telephones Issued to Employees

8.410 Accidents or Damage to College Vehicles

Policy Number: 8.410 

Subject: Accidents or Damage to College Vehicles

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991

If an accident or damage, regardless of magnitude, occurs when an employee is using a College vehicle, the proper law enforcement agency should be notified at once. Within Hot Springs, notify the Hot Springs Police. Within Garland County, notify the Garland County Sheriff's Department. Outside of Garland County, notify the Arkansas State Police or city police of the area in which the accident or damage occurs. Do not move the College vehicle, if possible, prior to the arrival of law enforcement personnel. Notify the Vice President for Financial Affairs, or other administrative personnel at once. Call collect if necessary. Also, notify the insurance company, if possible. Upon return to the campus, report, in detail, all information concerning damage or accidents to the Vice President for Financial Affairs.