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8.600 Naming of College Facilities

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8.600 Naming of College Facilities

Policy Number: 8.600 

Subject: Naming of College Facilities

Date Adopted: March 24, 2004, Addition January 25, 2006

The Board of Trustees of National Park Community College is the final authority in naming college campus facilities.

The process for reviewing any and all recommendations for naming a facility shall be thoughtful and involve careful consideration, and there shall be study made by the Board and/or a committee of the Board to assure that the decision is in the best interest of the college. It is recommended that a study and review of the recommendation shall require not less than 90 days.

The naming of a college facility must be in recognition of a substantial contribution to National Park Community College. The contribution can be financial, intellectual, or personal service to the college. It is recommended and understood that should the naming of a college facility be for financial reasons, that the amount of the contribution be appropriate to the value of the facility being named.

Any employee, Board member, or governmental official may be honored with the naming of a college facility only after the trustee is no longer a member of the college Board of Trustees or the employee or governmental official has retired.

Recommendation for the naming of any college facility can be made by any source including, but not limited to, the Board, college campus organization, employee group, student association, alumni association, college foundation, an individual, or a community group. The college Board of Trustees may originate the recommendation, but any other recommendation shall be presented to the college President for review and communication to the board.

It is the intent in naming a college facility to provide recognition in perpetuity, however, circumstances may alter the permanent nature of such a designation. Circumstances that may influence continuation of a facility's name might include, but not be limited to, demolition of the facility or change in the use of the facility. Should a facility need to be renamed, appropriate attention shall be given to alternative recognition that might transfer the name to another college facility, addition of the name to a permanent recognition registry, or other suitable recognition. A college facility that is named based on a financial agreement may not be changed except if the board finds a change is in the best interest of the college.

As an addition to Board Policy 11.700, "Naming of College Facilities," it is recommended that, in regard to the Nursing/Health Sciences Building and facilities, the following substantial financial contributions qualify the contributor to have that building or facility named in their honor or their memory.

Naming Rights for the Nursing/Health Sciences Facilities

Cost to Underwrite Sculpture


Naming Rights for Endowed Scholarship

$10,000 (endows a $500 scholarship per year)
And up (All endowed scholarships yield 5 percent of
endowed amount for use each year.)