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6.000 Student Affairs

6.100 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

6.200 Admissions, Registration, and Records

6.210 Student Accounts Receivable Policies and Procedures

6.300 Academic Appeals and Due Process

6.310 Disciplinary Procedures for Students

6.400 Academic Probation/Suspension Policy

6.500 Academic Clemency

6.600 Class Attendance

6.700 Grade Change Policy

6.800 Student Rights and Responsibilities

6.900 Student Clubs and Organizations

6.000 Student Affairs

Policy Number: 6.000 

Subject: Student Affairs

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991

The Board of Trustees continually affirms that the student and service to students is the primary responsibility of all those employed by the College, in all capacities and levels. The Board recognizes the value and worth of each student and supports the student's right of educational opportunity, on all levels. Every action of the Board and its employees should be to provide the best opportunities for quality higher education to students and the citizens of the College district.