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6.210 Student Accounts Receivable Policies and Procedures

Policy Number: 6.210 

Subject: Student Accounts Receivable Policies and Procedures

Date Adopted: June 27, 2007

National Park Community College (NPC) has a general policy not allowing students to charge fees, tuition or books. Student accounts receivable balances occur when financial aid or scholarships are rescinded during the semester, payments by check are returned as insufficient, or Nelnet Business Solutions (formerly FACTS) agreements are terminated.

Students with an outstanding balance meet with the Business Office employee over Accounts Receivable to discuss payment options. Those students are given the option to drop all classes (administrative drop) and the balance is cleared, except for the registration fee, any bookstore charges, or to pay balances due. Payment methods include the Nelnet Business Solutions plan, cash, check, or credit card.

NPC runs a "financial hold" program at the end of each semester. This program flags students having a balance due, preventing the students from registering or having any internet access.

Account statements are mailed out three times each year, just before the last day to pay for the Fall, Spring, and Summer I semesters. Additionally, unpaid student account balances over $20 are sent to the International Computer Systems (ICS - First Collection Service), a pre-collection agency. ICS attempts to contact each student through a course of three letters. Any payments are made to NPC directly. After accounts have gone through the pre-collection process and balances remain due, those accounts are then transferred to the full collection process with ICS. At that time all payments are to be made to ICS.

In December of each year, NPC generates a list of account balances over $20, which are older than the current fiscal year with no payment activity for the previous six months. Collection is pursued through setoff of the student's debt against state income tax refunds.

After all of the above practices have been exhausted, at June 30 each fiscal year, NPC compiles a list of delinquent account balances with no activity for the previous two years, or with a balance less than $20. A request is made to the Department of Finance and Administration to formally write-off the accounts.