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Financial/Business Policies

Returned Check

In accordance with the Arkansas Hot Check Law, the NPCC Business Office is authorized to assess a collection fee of $25.00 for each item returned.


Effective November 1, 2006, if a check is returned by the bank, the Business Office sends written notification within three (3) working days to the check address or the student's permanent address. The notice contains complete information on the check and service charge, total balance due, accepted forms of payment, the payment deadline, and contact information.


Payment for returned checks and service charges are received at the cashier's window in the Business Office. Cash, cashier's checks, and money orders are the accepted forms of payment. Returned checks that are left unpaid after 10 days are subject to the Arkansas Hot Check Law and turned over to the Garland County Prosecuting Attorney's Office for collection. Once a check is turned over, payment must be made at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Financial Holds

Unpaid returned checks will result in a transcript and/or diploma hold until the total balance due (returned check and hot check fee) is paid.

Students may arrange a payment plan online. If you have financial aid in process, make sure you have a signed award letter or an approved charge authorization or you will be dropped from classes.

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Tuition Refund Policy

No refunds of student tuition/fees will be made unless a student OFFICIALLY withdraws from classes. Stopping class attendance or failure to attend classes does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal. ALL refunds are calculated from the start date of the semester, not the start date of the class, and are based on week days (excluding holidays/not class days).

Refund Schedule:

Prior to First Day of Semester: 100% of tuition/fees (excluding registration fee)

Days One to Five of Semester: 100% of tuition/fees (excluding registration and lab fees)

Days Six to Ten of Semester: 50% of tuition/fees (excluding registration and lab fees)

No refunds after day ten of the semester

Exceptional circumstances by which a refund may be calculated after the refund period are limited to: death of a student, death of immediate family member with documentation, unanticipated serious illness of the student with documentation, or institutional error.

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Tuition Waiver Policy

60+ Waiver

Persons 60 years of age and older may take college courses tuition-free when enrolling for credit. This waiver is non-transferrable.

Law Enforcement Waiver

This waiver is available to any full time employed sworn law enforcement officer and covers tuition (no fees) for on-campus courses, online courses, and independent study courses that are required for the officer?s degree program. This waiver is non-transferrable. 

Injured/Fatally Wounded Police and Firefighter Waiver

Families of policemen and firemen who suffered fatal injuries or became permanently and totally disabled due to performance of a hazardous duty, may attend college credit courses tuition free. This waiver is non-transferrable.

Public School Employee Waiver

Full-time public and private school district faculty and staff who live within commuting distance of the College may have tuition for up to one on-campus 4 credit hour course per semester, excluding all fees. This waiver is non-transferrable.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information at  501-760-4237.