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The accounting program prepares students for entry-level employment in accounting. Coursework includes courses in accounting, computer technology, and general education so that graduates possess the skills necessary to clearly communicate the results of their work, both orally and in writing, to clients and management. Students are prepared for career opportunities in positions such as accounting assistants, bookkeepers, payroll clerks, and management trainees.

Accounting (Associate of Applied Science Degree)

The A.A.S. Program (60 credit hours) is primarily intended for those interested in an accounting career. Completion of the recommended courses leads to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Accounting. Consequently, some courses in this program may not transfer to all senior institutions. Students who plan to transfer to a senior institution are strongly advised to correspond with the institution to which they plan to transfer.

All courses listed in the catalog are required, but the sequence of courses taken is based on availability and the necessity for prerequisites.

In the Business Division curricula, courses prerequisite to another class require a minimum grade of C in order to advance to the next course. View the Accounting degree for course requirements in the Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Accounting Technician (Technical Certificate)

Graduates who complete this 36-credit hour certificate will possess the basic knowledge of accounting and computer technology to be employed as accounting technicians, accounting assistants, or accounting clerks (payroll, receivables, payables). Courses include both accounting theory and computerized accounting systems as well as an income tax course.

View the Accounting Technician for course requirements in the Accounting Technician Technical Certificate.

Accounting Technology (Certificate of Proficiency)

Graduates who complete this 15-credit hour certificate possess the basic skills necessary to work as an assistant in an accounting or income tax office. Courses include both manual and computerized accounting systems as well as an income tax course.

View the Accounting Technology for course requirements in the Accounting Technology Certificate of Proficiency.

For more information about NPC's Accounting Program, contact Jennifer Lyons at or