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Physical Education Courses

Description of Courses:

•PE-1051 Beginning Yoga - Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga taught in Vinyasa style Emphasis is given to the synchronization of breath and movement and to the understanding of the basic yoga postures.

•PE-1101 Physical Conditioning - Belly Buns & Thighs - Toning exercise that focuses on these three hard to target areas.

•PE-1111 Ladies Weight Training - This class will combine elements of aerobic exercises to increase cardio vascular capacity and/or weight loss; resistance training to promote strength, endurance, and muscle definition; and stretching to maximize mobility and flexibility.

•PE-1112 Drivers' Education - Details basic principles of good driving, including highway courtesy, approved driving practice, responsibility of car owner, the why and how of accidents and care and economical use of the automobile. Course will include six or eight hours behind the wheel and twenty hours of observation. A Driver Learner Permit is a prerequisite for this class.

•PE-1113 Health and Safety - Designed to motivate the student toward better health behavior. Emphasizes principles and contemporary issues involved in better individual and community health.

•PE-1121 Kickboxing - High and low impact moves to develop flexibility, strength and endurance.

•PE-1131 Pilates - A challenging core endurance and back strengthening class.

•PE-1151 Zumba - High and low impact, Latin moves that strengthen the cardiovascular system.

•PE-1161 Step Basic - High and low impact moves that challenges and develops motor skills using a "step" platform.

•PE-1171 Tone & Tighten - Low impact movement primarily focuses on using your own body weight. Emphasis on core. Lunges, squats, pushups are incorporated into the movement.

•PE-1181 Fitness Dance - High and low impact dance moves that strengthen the cardiovascular system.

•PE-1191 Muscle Toning - A total body work-out using a variety of fitness equipment bands, tubes, balls, free weights for balanced body toning.

•PE-1201 Team Sports - Options include volleyball, softball, basketball and other team sports. Fundamentals, rules and games between teams within the class.

•PE-1221 Total Barre - The Total Barre workout is designed to tone, trim, and transform the body with a fusion of ballet, pilates, and resistance training. By blending movements with cardio, the “Barre” targets those trouble areas such as the hips, thighs, gluts, and core; delivering one workout with results.

•PE-1231 Cardio Circuit - High and low impact moves using the cardio machines.

•PE-1241 Kayaking - Introduction to basic skills and safety when kayaking. Classroom instruction followed by a field experience.

•PE-1251 Jazzercise - High and low impact dance moves that are in a continuum of warm-up, cardio stretch and cool down. Moves are individualized with different levels of intensity for beginners, advanced, by age and physical condition. Classes are held off-campus at the Jazzercise Center, 2230 Malvern Avenue Suite C, Hot Springs, AR 71901.

•PE-1501 Golf - Introduction to fundamentals and rules, proper stance, swings scoring and play. Course is held off-campus at Lakeside Golf, 418 Wilson Lake Road, Hot Springs, AR. Student will be responsible to purchase a bucket of balls for $5.00 each class.

•PE-1601 Beginning Bowling - Introduces basic skills, grip, approach, release and follow through, knowledge of the rules, equipment and strategies. Course is held off-campus at Central Bowling Lanes, 3917 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR. Student will need $3.00 each day.

•PE-1701 Beginning Tennis - Fundamentals of the game; grip, back and forehand, volleys, lobs, serves, scoring and etiquette.Course is held off-campus.

•PE-1801 Hiking - Instruction in the fundamentals of hiking with field experiences in and around Hot Springs. Student must be able to walk up inclines.

•PE-2051 Advanced Yoga - Having learned basic Hatha yoga poses, this class is taught in the Vinyasa style of yoga.  Flowing sun salutations will warm the body, strengthen and lengthen all major muscle groups while burning calories and gaining cardio vascular strength.  This more challenging class continues to emphasize the fundamentals of yoga while presenting the poses and sequencing in a more challenging way. 

•PE-2501 Walking for Fitness - A low impact class using walking to provide exercise for the student at the lowest level of fitness.
 "Each course is not offered every semester.  Please check the semester schedule for specific course offerings."

If you have questions about this program, please contact T. J. Griffith at 501-760-4282;