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Program Statement

The Office of Long-Term Care approves the Nursing Assistant Program. Graduates are eligible to take the Written and Skills Assessment Exams for certification. Graduates should be aware that violation of any federal, state, or local drug law or conviction of a crime may prohibit the student from entering a clinical agency to care for clients. Background checks will be completed as a condition for admissions. In addition, clinical facilities also may require a substance abuse test as a condition of clinical practice in the respective facility. Inability to complete the clinical course because of failure to meet these requirements will result in course failure. The Office of Long-Term Care may be contacted at:

Post Office Box 8059
Little Rock, AR 72203-8059

Benefits of the Nursing Assistant Program

The Nursing Assistant program is ideal for the person who thinks he/she might want to enter a career in the healthcare field. Completion of this one semester course allows the candidate to complete the state certification test and work in a variety of settings including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living centers or home health. It also can be the first step on the career ladder leading to higher levels of nursing care. It is an opportunity for the student who plans on attending the LPN or RN program to build skills and to enter the workforce in their field of study and earn money while attending school.

Job Specific Skills

The functions and job responsibilities of the Nursing Assistant are:

Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to the Nursing Assistant Program (NA) every semester. No pre-requisite courses are required; however, students who wish to be considered for enrollment must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete on online application to NPCC.
  2. Submit official high school transcript documenting graduation from high school or official Arkansas High School Diploma/GED certificate to the Nursing Office.

Nursing Assistant Curriculum/Certificate of Proficiency or Technical Certificate

The Nursing Assistant program includes two courses. They are designed to be completed in only one semester, either fall or spring sessions. Generally, students will spend approximately 90 hours in the classroom and around 90 hours in clinical settings administering patient/resident care. Clinical experiences occur in long-term care and in hospital settings and are designed to promote the graduate's confidence in the health care setting. Degree options include:  Technical Certificate in Allied Health with a focus in nursing assistance or Certificate of Proficiency in Nursing Assistant.   In order to obtain the necessary skills to be eligible to take the state certification exam to become a "Certified" Nursing Assistant, the successful completion of the following two courses are required in the order below:

Enrollment Process

Upon acceptance and prior to enrolling in Nursing Assistant courses, the student must provide the following documents:

  1. Signed Responsibility forms (provided by the Nursing Assistant Program)
  2. Completed Data Health Form which includes proof of immunization compliance including the following:
      • Current MMR, if born after 1957
      • Initiation of Hepatitis B series or signature on declination statement.
      • Proof of TB skin test within the last year
  3. Signed Promotional Permission 
  4. Substance Abuse Policy Release 
  5. CPR training

No late enrollment is allowed. Students are expected to furnish their own transportation to school and to and from the clinical area.

Professional Liability Insurance

All students are required to have professional liability insurance. Registration fees for NA 1133 will include a fee that will provide this insurance.

Cost of the Nursing Assistant Program

The cost of the program varies depending on the course of study selected by the student.  A projected cost list for the Certificate of Proficiency is available.  Financial Aid Information - please see the Financial Aid Office or the Career Pathways Office for guidance in this area. Students enrolled in certificate of proficiency programs are not eligible for Pell grants. However, there may be other sources available to assist you.