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Applications for the Practical Nurse Program will be accepted January through first Monday in March.

Additional information is found below to access application forms or TEAS testing information. 



Application process for students who desire to enter the PN Nursing Program begins in January of each year. The application deadline for the program is the first Monday in March. Admissions to the Nursing Program are selective.

Student who apply to the Nursing Program shall:

A. Provide the following credentials to the office of the PN Director:

  1. Completed nursing application;
  2. Official high school transcript indicating diploma or GED scores;
  3. An official transcript from any college, university, or schools of nursing attended;
  4. Entrance scores (COMPASS, ASSET, ACT or SAT),
  5. Three reference forms;
  6. Verification of certificates of nursing assistant, medical assistant, EMT, Paramedic, and/or military medic;
  7. Verification of employment
  8. TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Exam, Version V.  (Instructions to access TEAS)

B. Meet all the following requirements:

  1. Students must be 18 years old at time of entry into the program to meet requirements for legal documentation and administration of medications in the hospital setting;
  2. Be a high school graduate or anticipate high graduation or where applicable, pass the General Education Development test (GED)
  3. For placement and participation in clinical activities: You must successfully pass a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Process.  

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all documents in "A" and follow the procedures in "B" for the application to be considered. Enrollment requirements must be completed prior to class selection.

Admission Process/Selection

The admission process to the Certificate (PN) Nursing Program is selective.  College courses may be accepted toward the PN certificate. Evaluation will be done by the Program Director and the Registrar. Math and Science courses cannot be over seven years old at the time of entry into the nursing program. Applicants for the Certificate (PN) Nursing Program are chosen using a ranking system. Applicants receive points in the ranking system for the following: TEAS score, certifications; recent work experience in health care; selected college credit.

High School applicants must show a minimum GPA (grade point average) for admission of a 2.75. Selection process for the applicant that is graduating from High School in May, acceptance year, is through a points ranking system that includes the following: TEAS score, ACT scores, and Medical Professions program participant. Candidates will be conditionally accepted pending completion of a clear criminal background check and drug screening.


All courses required for the Nursing Program must be completed with a "C" or better. Nursing courses include a theory/classroom grade and a clinical grade. Both components of the course must be passed to progress in the program. Progression in the nursing sequence requires a minimum grade of C in all courses and their pre-requisites/co-requisites.

Attendance Policy

The Practical Nurse Program is a fast pace curriculum that requires dedication and time.  The student should plan to be in attendance every day and schedule appointments after 3:00 pm or when there is time off from school. (See college academic calendar) If a student has to be absent, then there is a limit on how much time can be missed.  If hours exceed those required by policy, then the student is terminated from the program. Excused absences will be for court appearances, jury duty, and military service. Special consideration will be given on an individual basis for any hospitalization that does not exceed one week.


Students admitted and enrolled in nursing are allowed only one re-admission according to space available. Students wishing to re-enter the Certificate (PN) program must apply as a new applicant. The PN Program Director and Division Chairperson of Nursing will evaluate each student wishing to re-enter before granting permission. The following conditions will prevent re-admission in to the program: an incident of patient endangerment or lack of patient safety.