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What is the Campus Store (Bookstore) phone number?  Customer Service 501-760-4117

Do I need an ID?  You will need a VALID NPC STUDENT ID for purchases and returns. If you are writing a check you will also need a valid driver's license or if you have a check from another person (say your father) you will additionally need his driver's license information to include D L number, date of birth, and expiration date.  Please get your NPC student ID as soon as possible in the Fisher Bldg, first floor, Student Center.

What type of plastic do you accept?  VISA, MasterCard, or Discover, credit or debit.

What if I need a textbook or supplies after the campus store closes financial aid charges?  We accept cash, check, or credit/debit cards.

What are the campus store return policies?  Return policies are located on the bottom of the campus store home page and also on the back of your campus store receipts.

If I buy my textbooks and supplies and then my class(es) are cancelled for some reason, what do I do?  Bring your textbooks and supplies back in original condition for a credit to your account as soon as possible.


How can I find out what textbooks are required for my classes?  Click on the 'textbook lookup' tab on the left side of the home page.  You will need your course number and class ID/section number.

Can I buy/reserve my books online at the campus store?  Yes.  Click on the 'order books online' tab on the home page and follow instructions.  You will need your course information.  Please allow three business days for processing.  You can come by the store and pick them up (no waiting in line) or we can ship them to you Federal Express for an affordable rate.

What is a bundle?  When a textbook comes with more than one part.  For instance, the Anatomy & Physiology bundle has three parts: (1) textbook (2) atlas and (3) DVD and the Music Appreciation comes with two parts: (1) textbook and (2) music CDs.  All parts must be returned for a credit or to sell back at end of semester.

What if I just need one part of a textbook bundle?  Normally, we do not sell or have available separate parts of a bundle.  The publisher bundles them together or we buy them back as a bundle.

What if I buy a textbook and then drop the course?  Bring the textbook and drop slip back for credit immediately before the returns deadline expires.

Is it okay if I buy two books this week and one book next week.  Sure.  Just remember the last date to charge to your financial aid account; after that date, it is cash, check, or credit/debit card.

What if I have a late start date class?  You can charge your textbook on financial aid at the start of semester or wait until you get your financial aid check to make the book purchase.  Or, you can pay cash for the textbook before class start date.  If bought early, you will need a drop slip for a late return.


What type of calculators does the campus store stock?  First of all, we recommend you ask your instructor what type of calculator is recommended for your course.  We stock personal financial calculators and basic calculators through the Texas Instrument TI-83/TI-84 series.

What supplies are required for my classes? First of all, we recommend you ask your instructor what supplies are required for your course.  Then, visit your on-campus store.  We try to coordinate required supplies with instructors so we can keep them in stock.  For pottery, we have clay and tools; for photography, we have negative slides and film; for art and drawing, we have pens and pencils, paints, mat boards, canvasses, and sketch pads etc.

Do you carry flash drives for my computer and if so, what size do I need?  Ask your instructor.  The larger the flash drive (4MB, 8MB, etc) the more storage you have for files, photos, and downloads.

Does the campus store sell computers, hardware, or software?  Not at this time.

Does the campus store sell digital voice recorders?  Yes.

Does the campus store carry any computer accessories?  Yes.  Wireless mice, DVD-R and CD-R disks and sleeves, Hi-speed cables, headphones, earphones, headsets, USB hubs, USB device cables, power and surge protectors, adapters, flash drives, cleaners, extension cords, etc.

What is a blue book?  It is basically an inexpensive booklet with notebook paper (about 8 sheets) bound together with a blue cover.  It comes in two sizes, small and large.  Some instructors require blue books for examinations, assignments, or essays.  If required, we recommend you keep a couple of extra ones...just in case.

If the campus store is closed, and I need a supply item, what do I do?  We have a supply vending machine located in the Fisher Bldg, first floor student center.  It contains basic supplies (pens, pencils, flash drives) and blue books.  You can also purchase a blue book in the campus library.


When are book buybacks scheduled? Please check our book buyback information page for an updated buyback schedule and other buyback information.

Why are lab books not bought back during book buyback?  Normally, lab books are written in and pages handed in for homework, classwork, or grades.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee to another student that all pages are included.

Do I need my receipt or NPC student ID for book buyback?  No.  However, beginning January 1, 2015, you will need a valid NPC student ID for purchases, returns, or book buybacks.

Can I bring someone else's books to buyback? Yes, since we do not require a receipt or photo ID at this time.

What if I have textbooks from a previous semester or textbooks from another college?  Bring them to the book buyback for review of value.


When is the last day I can charge or return purchases for credit to my student financial account in the Campus Store?  For the fall 2015 semester, the last day for charges or returns is Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Sorry, no exceptions.

Do I need to bring any financial aid information with me to make purchases at the campus store?  No.  When you visit the campus store for your textbook and supply purchases, we will print a copy of your class schedule and your approved financial aid data.

What if my financial aid does not show up in the computer or is incomplete when I come to buy my books and supplies?  We will refer you to your financial aid program manager for questions.  Upon approval, the information will be loaded into the computer for your next visit or you may be given a written approval by your program manager.  When you return, we get you back to the front of the line so you don't have to wait in line more than once.

Will my campus store charges be deducted from my financial aid accounts? Yes

How much do I have remaining on my financial aid account after tuition, fees, purchases, etc.?  You will need to check your charges, credits, and balance on your OASIS account.

When will my campus store charges/credits appear on my OASIS account?  The campus store normally reconciles and posts student charges and returns 1-2 business days after the transaction.

What if I have a question on the balance or charges to my OASIS account after I review it?  Depending on the type question, you can visit the campus store (if question has to do with store purchases/credits), your financial aid program manager, or the business office.

Can I order textbooks online and charge them to my financial aid account?  Yes, a menu will appear at the end of your order for you to select method of payment.

Will I need a valid NPC ID to charge campus store purchases or get credits to my financial aid account?  Yes. Please get your NPC student ID as soon as possible.

Can I charge someone else's books and supplies to my financial aid account?  No.  Your financial aid account is for YOUR textbooks and supplies.

What if I have financial aid but prefer not to purchase my books in the college's bookstore? After you have been awarded aid on your OASIS account, you may go to the financial aid office and pick up a request of funds worksheet.  You may then go online or in person to obtain a price quote from the NPC Campus Store to attach to the worksheet.  This worksheet, and required documentation, must be submitted to the Director of Financial Aid during the time books first go on sale through the seventh day of the semester class date.  A check for the approved amount will be issued (during the next business office check cycle) to the student for the purchasing of books on or off campus.