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Speech Courses Listing

Speech (SPCH)

SPCH 1103 - Fundamentals Of Public Speaking

Public speaking course designed to introduce the student to the communicative act and provide experience in composing and delivering different types of speeches. Fall, Spring, Summer. ACTS Equivalent Course Number = SPCH 1003
Units: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters
Area: Communication & Arts

SPCH 1123 - Oral Interpretation

Principles and techniques involved in the analysis and oral reading of basic literature forms: poetry and verse, prose and drama. Available upon sufficient student demand.
Units: 3
Offered: Upon Sufficient Student Demand
Area: Communication & Arts

SPCH 2003 - Persuasive Speaking

Designed to acquaint the student with persuasive and manipulative techniques used in communication strategies, persuading groups of people to espouse one cause or another, or to take a particular course of action. Understanding of the persuasive process and how best to improve society through peaceful means are course objectives, as the student gains experience in composing, delivering, recognizing, and analyzing persuasive techniques. Prerequisite: SPCH 1103-Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Spring.
Units: 3
Offered: Spring Semesters
Area: Communication & Arts