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Education (EDUC)

EDUC 2243 - Foundations of Education

Study of various educational policies, practices, and trends; learning objectives; the nature of teaching; professional ethics; history of education, and teacher liabilities. Ten (10) hours of public school observation is required. Education methods courses for Arkansas State Teacher Certification will not be offered for special study credit in the Communication and Arts Division. Prerequisite: ENG 1113-English Composition I. Spring.
Units: 3
Offered: Spring Semesters
Area: Communication & Arts

EDUC 2263 - Introduction To K-12 Technology

The purpose of this course is to assist prospective teachers with understanding the role that various forms of electronic and digital technology play in the teaching/learning process and how they can engage these processes in the classroom. Students will become skilled in the use of common hardware, application software, and Web 2.0 tools being used in today's schools. In addition, they will be exposed to basic theories of technical communication and collaboration, as well as web-based research, selection, and evaluation. This course is designed as an active learning experience. Participation includes a hands-on approach to learning. Class participants will not only learn about using technology, but will be expected to demonstrate that knowledge in their presentations and projects. Prerequisites include CIS 1001 Intro to Computing I and CIS 1011 Intro to Computing II, or CIS 1013 Info Systems I with a grade of “C” or better or equivalent. Prerequisites may be waived for students who successfully complete a competency test for these courses.
Units: 3
Area: Communication & Arts