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Medication Aid Courses Listing

Medication Aide (MA)

MA 1102 - Medication Aide Practicum

This course is designed as the practicum for the medication aide to administer medications in the skills lab setting and the nursing home setting. Content will focus on the application of knowledge from MA 1103. Students will have the opportunity to practice the role of medication aide under the supervision of the instructor and preceptor. Students will successfully complete 90 hours of practicum. Grade will be Pass or Fail. Prerequisite: Department approval. Corequisite: MA - 1103
Units: 2
Area: Nursing

MA 1103 - Medication Aide

This course is an introduction to the principles and concepts related to the administration of approved medications by a medication aide in the nursing home environment. Safety issues related to medication administration and common effects of medication are presented. Students must also register for the clinical companion course to be eligible to write the state certification exam. Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Corequisite: MA -1102.
Units: 3
Area: Nursing