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Orientation Courses Listing

Orientation (ORT)

ORT 0 - Blackboard/Online Learning

Preparation to use LMS tools for online and blended courses.
Units: 0
Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters
Area: Learning Acceleration

ORT 1101 - Freshman Orientation

This one day course is designed to orient students to the programs and services offered at NPCC. Topics of the day include Secrets to Success, Student Services, and a welcome to campus by a faculty member. A comprehensive campus tour is included in the day’s activities, as is lunch. Points will be awarded for activities that students accomplish during their first semester. The activities are designed to further acquaint students with the campus and various departments. This course is required for all first-time, full-time students at NPCC.
Units: 1
Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters
Area: Learning Acceleration


Units: 0
Area: Learning Acceleration

ORT 1202 - College Seminar

This 10-week course is designed to assist general education students with the skills needed for success in both college academics and life after college. The course will focus on you as a learner and participant in college society. However, we will also examine your strengths, values, and motivations. Specifically, we will be concerned with understanding yourself as a learner in every area of your life, information and cultural literacy, college demeanor, and the habits of mind that characterize the college experience. This is a required course for all first-time, full-time students who are not enrolled in vocational programs. Students in vocational programs who take TECH 1102 Technical Communications in their first semester will not be required to take ORT 1202.
Units: 2
Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters
Area: Social Sciences