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Course Descriptions

Degrees & Certificates

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Certificate of Proficiency - Clerical Assistant

Major Specific Courses - 15 Credit Hours Total

All of the following are required:

Subject Course Title Units Offered
Mathematics 1053 Applied Math 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters
Office Administration 1133 Business English 3 Fall & Spring Semesters
Computer Information Systems 1013 Information Systems I 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters
Office Administration 1083 Word Processing I 3 Fall & Spring Semesters
Office Administration 2073 Administrative Office Management 3 Fall & Spring Semesters

15 Credit Hours Total

A grade of "C" or better is required in each course for all degrees and certificates in the Business Division.

Upon Completion of these courses please apply for your Certificate of Proficiency through the Registrar's office.