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Alumni & Friends Association

Our alumni, among other things, are:

Because we want to partner with as many people as possible in support of education, in support of students, and in support of National Park College (NPC), the alumni association is comprised of not just those who have taken classes here, but those who have or do work here, and those in the community that "friend us" through their support.

The NPC Alumni and Friends Association (AFA) was created for the mission of supporting NPC by promoting a positive image of the College and by developing meaningful relationships between NPC faculty and staff, alumni, current students, and those in the community.

The AFA vision is for NPC to become the premier comprehensive community college in Arkansas.

The AFA goal  is to develop open lines of communication between alumni and friends of NPC (which includes graduates and former students of Garland County Community College and Quapaw Technical Institute) about events, recognition of successes, and alumni activities.

Join the AFA and encourage the next generation through your leadership and support as you define campus traditions, community volunteerism, and pride in accomplishment.

Join now or for more information on becoming part of the AFA, contact Jane Yamauchi, Alumni and Special Events Coordinator, (501)760-6582 or