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Accessing Campus Wifi:

1. Connect to NPC Wireless

2. Accept User Agreement

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Open Computer Lab Rules

Immediately notify the Lab Manager/Instructor of any problems.


  1. Do not share your user account or password with anyone including  a friend, family member, or other individual. Each account is assigned to a single individual, who is responsible for all computer usage under that account.
  3. All users must log off after they have finished with the  computer. This is to protect your account and our computing system from mischievous users. Users not logging off will have their account  disabled until they contact the Help Desk.
  5. Do not wastefully print. Be familiar with the NPC Computer Resource Center Printing Policy. All PowerPoints must be 4 to 6 slides to a page.
  7. Do not attempt to bypass security restrictions in ANY way.
  9. Do not behave in a manner that affects the ability of others  to study.
  11. Do not bring food or drinks into the lab.
  13. Do not view pornographic or other offensive material which, when viewed by others in the lab, would be disruptive or constitute sexual harassment in violation of NPC policy. If it is required for a class that you view material which could be offensive to others, you may provide the Computer Lab Supervisor with a written request  from the instructor and proper arrangements will be made.
  15. Do not download or install any software to the local workstation, you may only download to portable media.
  17. Do not edit, add, or delete material from the C: drive.
  19. Do not change the default settings on applications or the workstation.
  21. Recreational use of computers during busy times is not permitted.  For example, non-course related internet surfing, non-course related email, or listening in using the computers. Other  users may be asked to log off when the lab is near capacity.
  23. Do not copy any College software. Site licenses must be  maintained accurately.
  25. Do not participate in Chat sessions, nor download Chat software.   Chatting is allowed ONLY in instructor-directed formal classroom instruction.
  27. Do not use the NPC computer labs for commercial gain, private profit, or other resource consuming activities such as playing online games, downloading games or music, “MUD”, chatting, spamming, chain letters, or any other mass mailings.
  29. Children are only allowed in the lab if accompanied by an adult for 30 minutes at a timet. If the child disrupts the ability of other to study, you will be asked to leave.
  31. Do abide by all federal, state, local laws, and College policies.