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Accessing Campus Wifi:

1. Connect to NPC Wireless

2. Accept User Agreement

3. Browse the Web.

Online Login Instructions

After you have registered for your online course and your instructor has enrolled you in the Blackboard course:

  1. Go to or go directly to
  2. Scroll down until you see the Blackboard icon and click it.
  3. Click--Login
  4. Key in your username and password
  5. Click--Login

Login Username: firstinitiallastname

Password: Your password is also known as your PIN (Personal Identification Number). It is an eight-digit number made up of the last four digits of your social security number, plus your birth month and birth day. If either your birth month or birth day is a single digit, use a zero in front of it.

Jane Public
DOB: 11/06/1967 
SS#: 123-45-6789
John Q. Public
DOB: 01/06/1970 
SS#: 987-65-4321
Username: jpublic
Password: 67891106
Username: jpublic1
Password: 43210106

Important: There are no dashes, slashes or spaces in username or password!

If there is a person with the same first initial and last name a number will be added to one of them.  So you may need to call or come into the computer lab to the help desk to find our if you are one of those with a familiar name; such as smith or brown.