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Accessing Campus Wifi:

1. Connect to NPC Wireless

2. Accept User Agreement

3. Browse the Web.

How To Change Your Password

Please perform the following steps to change your password:

Step 1:

Password Change Step 1

Step 2:

If your password is about to expire you should see this notice, or if you simply wish to change your password continue on.

Password Change Step 2

Step 3:

Click on  options  in the upper right hand corner.

Password Change Step 3

Step 4:

At the bottom of the box on the right hand side click on Change Your Password.

Password Change Step 4

Step 5: 

Fill in your old password.

Password Change Step 5


Step 6: Fill in your new password—it must be at least 8 numbers and letters

Step 7: Fill in your new password again.

Step 8: Click save at the lower right of this box. 

Step 9: Go back to My Mail to access your mailbox.

The next time you log in you will use your new password.