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1. Creating Links: Be sure to always browse to the document or web page in order to make sure the content management system can manage those links when you make changes.  For more information on refer to:  Video Tutorial

2. Document Naming: Please reuse the same name and use the overwrite check box.  This will avoid broken links when others also link to your documents.

3. Graphics with text:  Be descriptive with the Image Description to convey clearly what the graphic is conveying to the audience for those with visual impairments.

4. Keywords: Help everyone find your pages with search engines by editing the SEO and Keywords in page properties using specific keywords that you would use to search for that page.

5. Mobile-Minded: We need to keep in mind that every page has an automatically created mobile version.  Please be sparing with use of tables and when you do always use percentage widths for tables and no more than 3 columns.  It is too hard to squeeze down to mobile size with more than 3 columns of content in a table.

Need Help using this Content Management System?

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