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Robert W Feighl, Webmaster  

(501) 760-4260

Nancy D. Bruce

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Melony Ritter

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Web Development

The Web pages we design

The primary focus of our Website development office is the day-to-day maintenance of the college website and to facilitate an easy method for faculty and staff to maintain the content on their respective pages. We also offer you assistance with the design, layout, and format of your pages.  We can also assist you with the incorporation of other web elements to your pages.  Please arrange to meet with us to discuss your specific needs in that regard.

What do you need on your section of website?

Photos? Copy about your program? Links to other sites? The Webmaster office must have these and all other elements in hand before designing any Web project. Most projects require five business days after receiving all of these elements – more depending on the scope of the project.  Please plan ahead as much as possible.

Sharing the knowledge

Are you up on the latest Web trends and technology? If not, no problem. Our Website development office offers specialized training on social media, OUCampus content management, and a variety of other topics.

Ready to get started with updates to the website or training? Use this form to submit a request!

Mission and Purpose of the Website and Social Media

The NPC Web site is the face of college, our primary communication channel to the community. That is why our Web office stays current with the latest Web technologies. While continuing to develop the NPC Web site, we will work with you to find new ways of reaching your department’s audience through the very latest in online and social media.

Advertising campus-wide student events on home page slider must be requested, created, and approved by the NPC web development office. Refer to form request below.


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