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Federal Pell Grant Federal Plus Loan Program
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Federal Work Study Program
Federal Direct Student Loan Program  

Federal Student Aid FAFSA 
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  Pell Grant

This is a Federal grant based on a family's financial situation. PELL awards may be received by undergraduate students who have not received a bachelor's degree at the time of application. Applications for this award must be made for each academic year by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Generally, students are required to be enrolled at least half-time.

The Pell Grant is a federal program designed to provide financial assistance to those who demonstrate a need for such funds. Pell grants are intended to be the floor of a financial aid package and may be combined with other forms of aid in order to meet the costs of education. The amount of Pell Grant awarded is determined on the basis of the resources of the student, as well as that of the student's family. Student eligibility depends on several important criteria:

  • Student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Student must be registered with Selective Service (if required).
  • Student must be attending at least half time (6 hours).
  • Student must have a high school diploma, GED or meet other standards indicating ability to benefit.
  • Student must have a social security number.
  • Student must be working toward a degree or certificate.
  • Student must be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Student cannot owe a refund on a Federal grant or be in default on a Federal educational loan.
  • Student must have financial need, as determined by the results of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).



Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) 

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is for undergraduates with exceptional financial need, that is, students with the lowest Expected Family Contributions (EFCs) who are also Federal Pell Grant Recipients. An FSEOG award doesn't have to be paid back. FSEOG is awarded to eligible students on a first come, first served basis.


Federal Direct Student Loan Program

Beginning with the summer  2010 semester, National Park Community College transitioned to the Federal Direct Loan Program as required by federal guidelines. If you are interested in  receiving a student loan at NPCC, you will need to complete the following requirements.  

  • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
  • Master Promissory Note  (MPN)
  • 1 hour Loan Seminar (by appointment)
  • Direct Loan Worksheet


You must have a completed 2013-2014 FAFSA on file at NPCC.  Your Federal Aid PIN# is required to complete this process. 

To apply...

  1. Go to and click sign-in.
  2. Enter your personal information and student FAFSA pin number (to request a duplicate go to
  3. Read all information carefully and follow directions.
  4. Click Complete Entrance Counseling and follow instructions carefully.
  5. Click Complete Master Promissory Note and follow instructions carefully.
  6. 24-48 hours later---verify status of requirements--sign-in again and look at the menu on the left side of screen.
  7. Click "Completed MPN’s" at top of menu and "Completed Counseling" at bottom to verify the time and date the government documented your items as complete. This step is a follow-up for students to assure them that they have met the requirements to receive loan funds.
  8. To schedule an appointment for the Loan Seminar, call the Financial Aid office at 760-4195.  You will be provided with a copy of the Direct Loan Worksheet at the Loan Seminar, but if you lose yours you can pick up an extra in Financial Aid.

All requirements above must be completed in order to process a student loan.

Please remember to check your Oasis account “to do” list  for other items that may be needed to complete your financial aid file.

Click here to download a copy of these requirements.



Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Program      

The PLUS Loan Program makes loans available to parents  of dependent undergraduate students only to pay the educational costs of  students who meet the eligible student definition.  To receive a PLUS loan for a student, the  parent must be the student’s biological or adoptive mother or father.  A stepparent may be eligible  for a PLUS loan if his or her income and  assets would be taken into account in the dependent student’s calculation of  Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  A  legal guardian is not considered a parent for FSA purposes.  A parent must meet the same citizenship and  residency requirements as the student.   The student should apply for need-based aid prior to application for the  PLUS loan to be sure the loan could not be replaced with other forms of aid.



Federal Work-Study Program

This program is designed for students who have additional need which cannot be met by other financial sources. Eligibility is determined by financial need, class schedule, and academic progress.

The College arranges jobs on campus according to availability of funds. Students may earn up to the maximum amount of need when combined with other financial resources. Working hours should not conflict with class schedules. Work-study students must complete W-4 and I-9 forms in the Business Office and related paperwork with the Office of Financial Aid.

Job Descriptions

Federal Work Study Application