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Disability Services

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Disability Services

Services to students with documented disabilities at National Park College are offered through the Counseling Center and the Student Support Services (SSS) Program. The Office is located in Room 240 of the Gerald Fisher Campus Center Building. Come see us or call (501) 760-4227.

NPC strives to ensure that all qualified students with disabilities have equal access to all college programs. As a student with a documented disability, you are entitled to academic accommodations that offset the functional limitations of your disability. 

Services available to students with documented disabilities include:

NPC Graduate Success Stories

Kevin Byrd, a 2005 graduate of National Park College, graduated University of Arkansas, Bowen Law School with his Juris Doctorate of Law on December 16, 2010. While attending NPC, Kevin was an active member of the Advocates for Barrier Awareness Organization and received a Phillip Jamison Educational Fund Transfer Scholarship to UALR in 2005. He received his Bachelor's degree in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology from UALR in May of 2008.

Kevin expressed that he is a proud graduate of NPC and that he received a superior education while attending our two-year educational institution. He stated that his classes at NPC were harder than many that he took at the university level. In addition, he said that he received an incredible value for his educational dollars spent at NPC.

Not only were the classes smaller, but the instruction he received at NPC was superior to any he could have received from any major university. Kevin is now studying for his Bar exam which he plans to take in February. Rest assured he will pass with flying colors! Good luck to you, Kevin, and your future legal eagle pursuits.

Loan of Special Adaptive Equipment Includes:


The Following Adaptive Technology is Available on Campus:


(One-hour credit course) 


How to Receive Services:

In order to receive services, the student with a documented disability should make an appointment with Disability Services Office at 501-760-4227. The Disability Specialist will schedule an appointment to evaluate your need and determine the type of services required. Please bring a copy of your most recent disability documentation. The disability documentation will assist with determining your accommodation needs. Disability documentation could include the following:

[If no paperwork or documentation exists, meet with an adviser to discuss what options there are for assessing potential academic difficulties.]

All information will be kept confidential. The student should discuss what kind of support is needed with the adviser in the initial appointment. Fill out the respective forms and follow procedures for the services requested. The Disability Specialist will then write a memorandum to your instructors explaining the accommodations needed.

Responsibilities of Students

Students with Disabilities have the responsibility to:

Shared Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to report disability-related needs to instructors through Disability Services in a timely manner. It is not possible for instructors to anticipate all students' individual needs, though designing instruction for the broadest range of students helps to eliminate potential barriers to access. It is important to encourage students who encounter barriers in a class to contact the instructor as soon as possible so that the instructor and the student can discuss options.

For further information about Disability Services, please contact (501) 760-4227.