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The COMPASS exam can help determine your level of knowledge in reading, math, and writing. With this information, you can avoid taking unnecessary courses and enter the courses that will give you a good start for a successful education. Avoiding unnecessary courses allows a student to save money and time in getting his/her degree.

Some important elements of the exam are worth mentioning. You are allowed to take the COMPASS two times before starting any classes and use the best score. The three parts can be taken together or individually. The full exam, all three parts, usually takes one and a half to two hours. You may also be asked to take an Algebra Diagnostics exam if your COMPASS score is not high enough to place you into College Algebra.  All answers are multiple choices. Our test center provides paper, pencil, and calculator, but no other aids are allowed. No food, drink, cell phones, distractions, children, listening or recording devices are allowed.

All the information needed to prepare for the COMPASS is on their web site Their web site has easy-to-follow links to answer most any question and offers suggestions for success and presents practice exams.  Sample questions are located at

You may take the exam today or take a few days/weeks to prepare for the COMPASS.  It is important that you do your very best.  Your scores determine your course placement.

Compass Test Prep Video

Compass Test PowerPoint Orientation Video

Here are some links to help you prepare for the COMPASS exam:

Compass Reading Preparation Videos: This is a series of 7 videos by Kenton County Adult English

Compass Practice Test

Compass grammar tutorials, practice writing exams, and practice reading exams

Test Prep Review:  Practice questions for math, reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar

College Board:  Critical reading, writing, and math skill preparation

Sample Test Questions

Practice Test with results and performance statistics

Test-Taking Tips