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TRiO Student Support Services(SSS) is a federally sponsored TRiO project funded to provide services to eligible students. Students who are first-generation college students and/or low income, or have a disability, may qualify for the program. The NPC Student Support Services Program is funded 100% by a U.S. Department of Education grant in the amount of $352,838 per year. Services available to NPC SSS participants include:

Individualized Academic Advisement

TRiO SSS students receive personalized, academic advising. Because we limit the number of students we serve, we are able to spend time with each of our students to determine their academic needs. SSS advisors help students select courses that will apply to both the students' two and four year degrees, select the appropriate degree plan for the students' long-term goals, and create a course schedule that works best with students' schedules.


Each year, the SSS staff hosts workshops designed to meet the current needs of our students. SSS workshops are generally held during the lunch hour; and lunch and workshop materials are provided free for SSS students. Workshop topics include- but are not limited to- degree planning, transfer information, study techniques, test-taking skills, note-taking tips, and financial literacy. 


Tutoring is available to all TRiO SSS students. Tutoring support is provided in any subject requested by participants. For information on the tutoring schedule, call the TRiO SSS Tutor Supervisor, Lisa Walker, at 501-760-4228.

Transfer Assistance

The SSS staff knows that students who plan to transfer to a four-year college need to have a four-year plan when selecting NPC classes. The SSS transfer advisor will help you develop that plan, review colleges that will help you reach your career goal, and help you select courses that will transfer. Additional transfer assistance includes help with filling out college applications, applying for transfer scholarships, maintaining contact with an advisor from your program of interest at the four-year college, and meeting with TRiO staff members from TRiO programs at four-year colleges.

Each spring, SSS students have the opportunity to attend transfer trips to four-year colleges. The SSS transfer advisor will accompany the students and set up appointments for students to go on a tour of the four-year college campus, meet with admissions and financial aid staff members, and meet with advisors from the students' programs of interest. Questions about transfers to universities can be directed to the TRiO SSS Transfer Advisor, Suzanne Hendrix, at 501-760-4302.

Financial Literacy

Training in financial literacy is provided each academic year. Topics covered include student loan management, credit management, FAFSA completion, scholarship applications, and university cost-comparisons.

Cultural Events

Cultural enrichment activities are scheduled each semester. These activities, proven to create community among SSS participants, include plays, musicals, and art shows. Most recently, SSS traveled to Little Rock to see Elf at the Arkansas Repertory Theater. 

Disability Services

TRiO SSS Disability Specialist Robyn Hendrix, works with SSS participants to ensure equal access to NPC courses and programs of study. Assistance with disability-related issues can be obtained by calling Robyn at 501-760-4227.