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Visual Media Arts

Visual and Media Arts in Graphics Design (A.A.S.) -  View Degree requirements.

This program is designed to help students enter the job market upon completion of required coursework or to continue formal study at a four-year college or university.

The program utilizes the most modern graphic design equipment including photo-typesetting equipment. The courses are designed to allow students to experience the broadest possible range of techniques and to provide the student with a portfolio of work that will demonstrate mastery of those techniques to prospective employees.

Subject areas range from Design and Advertising to Photography. An Introduction to Business course is included in the curriculum, since many graphic designers operate their own shop.

The Graphic Design Program will enable the student to gain expertise in a variety of skill areas, ranging from 35mm photography to Macintosh computers, along with painting, drawing, advertising, reproduction and layout, lettering, illustration, display, packaging, art direction, and other related courses. Predictions indicate that there will be growing demand for graphic designers during the next ten years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Opening for talented graphic designers in all area of visual advertising, package design, industrial design, television graphics, and other fields will increase. However, competition will be keen and the best jobs will go to those with both talent and training. The need for free-lance graphic designers will also increase during the next decade.

We also offer a Technical Certificate in Graphics Design.

Visual and Media Arts in Photography (A.A.S.) - View Degree Requirements

The Proposed Associate of Applied Science in Photography degree would prepare students to work in the portrait, photo illustration, commercial/industrial, and photojournalism fields. It also would provide basic filmmaking and videography training as well as support for many other photographic professions such as photography for law enforcement, medical photography and videography, and scientific and architectural photography.

We also offer a Technical Certificate in Photography.

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