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Each student who completes a college course has an official transcript on file in the Office of the Registrar. This is the student's official college record. Any student who feels a grade has been recorded in error has until the end of the following semester, excluding summer sessions, to notify the Registrar's Office. Any exceptions to this procedure will require a joint decision by the Vice President for Instruction and the Vice President for Student Services.

Students who have attended another college or university shall have a copy of their transcript(s) forwarded to the Registrar for evaluation and recording.

The Registrar's Office should be notified immediately of any name changes and address changes.

Official copies of a student's NPC transcript will be forwarded to other colleges and universities upon the receipt of a signed request by the student. All financial obligations to the College must be met before transcripts are released by the Registrar. Each transcript is $2.00.

Student records are private and may not be released to any individual, organization, group, or institution without prior written consent of the student. Access to student records is protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment). Information concerning access and the procedure for challenging the content of student records may be obtained from the Vice President for Student Services.