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 The Diamond Challenge: Students vs. Staff Co-Ed Softball Game

Join us Friday, October 23 at 2 p.m. at Kimery Park for The Diamond Challenge, a students vs. staff co-ed softball game. All equipment will be provided with the exception of gloves. All players will need to provide their own glove. Sponsored by the National Park College SGA.

Sign up today!  

Student Team Contact: Chelsea Lairamore, Room CC 242, 760-4288

Staff Team Contact: Chris Coble, LAD, 760-4177

Game Rules

All ASA Rules will apply unless otherwise stated.

TIME LIMIT 55 minutes (once time has expired the complete inning will finish if necessary for the outcome), six inning games with three outs per inning. If the final out of a 1/2 inning is made with any time at all remaining on the clock the game shall continue to the next inning if necessary. 

LINEUPS are to be turned into umpire at coin toss. Teams must have 9 players to start the game. (5/4 either combination) Teams can bat 10 5/5 or 12 6/6 batters.

All leagues will have the courtesy runner option. The courtesy runner must be the last achieved out of the same gender requesting the courtesy runner. The courtesy runner can only run ONCE per inning.

Report the entry of a player, or re-entry of player to Umpire. Unlimited re-entry is allowed. Player/Batting order will remain same as lineup states. M/M and F/F on substitutions.

RUN RULE: 10 AFTER 5 run rule.

HOMERUNS: Female players will receive unlimited Homeruns. Men will be allowed 2 per team. All homeruns after will be outs.

BATS All ASA approved bats will be allowed USSSA bats must have new stamp.

BALLS: Must Be Optic Yellow. 44/375, 52 /300, 52/275, and 42/325 comp. or below for men and 44/400 or below for women.

PITCHING: Pitch must reach a minimum of six feet from the ground and not exceed more than ten feet from the ground.

No Fakes. 0-0 Count with 2 courtesy fouls.

Softball flyer