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Academic Success Center

Assistance is provided free of charge to NPC students and is sponsored by Learning Acceleration Division/NPC/Student Support Services. Assistance is available for many subjects taught at NPC and is conducted by both professional and peer tutors.  Walk-ins Welcome! 

Taking a class online and need help? We also have tutoring available online.
For courses not listed contact Lisa Walker (501-760-4228) or Paula Henderson (501-760-6418).





Academic Success Center Fall Schedule
Located on 1st floor of LAD building unless otherwise stated. Call 760-4228 for more information.

Reading, Writing, and Study Skills

Mon.  8-4:30
Tues.  8-7
Wed.  8-4:30
Thurs. 8-4:30
Fri.      8-4:00

Foundations of Math

Mon.  8-4:30
Tues.  8-7
Wed.  8-4:30
Thurs. 8-6
Fri.      8-4

Applied Math

MW  11-12:30

College Algebra

Mon. 8-4:30
Tues. 8-6
Wed.  8-4:30
Thurs  8-6
Fri.      8-4


Mon.  8-4:30
Tues.  8-6
Wed.   8-4:30
Thurs.  8-6
Fri.       9-4


MWF  8-4
TTh     8-2

Chemistry for Non-majors

Mon.  9-4
Wed.  9-4
Fri.      9-4

General Chemistry I

By appointment  (call 253-970-2652 to schedule)                                                             

Anatomy and Physiology

(Lab Science 1st floor conference room)
MWF 10-12

Computer (Keyboarding, Intro. to Computing, Info. Systems, and more)

Mon. 12-2
Tues. 12-2
Wed.  9-2

Accounting Courses

By appointment (call 501-617-0566  to schedule)

Respiratory Care Program  (FD)

Wed.  3-5
Fri.      8-10

Online Tutoring:


Sun.  2-5
Tues. 4-8
Thurs. 4-7

Biological Health Science

Sun.  6-9:30
Tues. 6-9:30
Thurs. 6-9

Writing/ English

SuMTh  6-9

Academic Success Center
Learning Acceleration Division (LAD) Building, 1st Floor (unless otherwise indicated)